GSA Government-wide Section 508 Accessibility Program

Is it ICT?

Is it Information and Communication Technology (ICT)?

Section 508 Transition Activities Update

Here are some updates on the Section 508 Transition Activities underway to centralize guidance, avoid duplication, and streamline the transition to the revised standards. The Access Board, the ACoP, GSA’s Government-wide Section 508 Team, and many of you who are working to help make this transition happen as smoothly as possible.

The Policy and LifeCycle Subgroup is preparing guidance to help agencies update their Section 508/Accessibility policy to reflect the new regulations. Topics include:

  • 508 exceptions;

Interconnected Systems – How Does Section 508 Apply?

A recent question gives us some general guidance when asking a key question: “Is this ICT subject to Section 508?” Though this particular question was posed for a specific product, the guidance applies generally to any component that is part of an interconnected system but doesn't itself directly present a user interface.

We all know about those cameras typically used for surveillance monitoring. They seem to be everywhere, recording everything – especially at federal government facilities! So are they subject to Section 508 requirements?

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