GSA Government-wide Section 508 Accessibility Program

GSA’s Government-wide Section 508 Team is Growing!

Robert Baker Helen Chamberlain Michelle Clark Phil Crawford Alex Koudry Marc Seguin John Sullivan Sheila Turner
Robert Baker Helen Chamberlain Michelle Clark Phil Crawford Alex Koudry Marc Seguin John Sullivan Sheila Turner

 I’m John Sullivan, the Program Director for the Government-wide Section 508 Program. I’m very impressed with how well everyone in the IT accessibility community works together, and I’d like to introduce you to the Government-wide Section 508 team, to explain who we are and what we’re working on, to better serve you.

Helen Chamberlain has served at GSA for a number of years and at one point single-handedly managed the GSA Government-wide Section 508 Program. Today, Helen serves as our Training and Outreach Coordinator; she leads the Section 508 Coordinators’ network, hosts our major events, and assists individual Section 508 Coordinators.

Alex Koudry is GSA’s credentialed expert in assistive technology and accessibility. In addition to supporting the Government-wide 508 Program, he’s also the Director for the Center for Information Technology Access (CITA). Alex will lead our Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) policy revisions as the new Section 508 Rule becomes a reality, and will ensure accessibility is embedded in current federal policy initiatives such as Category Management Alignment, Circular A-130 Managing Information as a Strategic Resource, and Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA).

Robert Baker, a leader and accessibility expert in the Section 508 Community, is detailed to us from his role as the Social Security Administration Section 508 Coordinator. His perspective as a major agency Section 508 Coordinator has been invaluable to us as we create programs that benefit the community. Our resident ICT expert, Robert leads the Section 508 team’s Section 508 Rule transition planning, as well as our efforts to help agencies improve their Section 508 Program Maturity initiative. Robert is also developing the Trusted Tester program.

Michelle Clark is a detailee from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and a Section 508 coordinator. Michelle monitors trends on the Section 508 Listserv, alerts us to current community needs, and will be producing videos on people with disabilities and their experiences using assistive technology. Michelle also tests Section 508 projects like Pulse and for Section 508 compliance.

Marc Seguin is a detailee from the Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy, where he managed Marc’s broad accessibility advocacy perspective enriches the Section 508 Program. Mark is an Assistive Technology Specialist, a certified Trusted Tester, and will lead the upcoming redesign of the Section 508 website.

Phil Crawford is a Support Management Specialist for Section 508 at GSA. Phil keeps our project schedules, provides content updates to, and manages our outreach schedule. He also monitors communication on the Section 508 listservs and website, to help our team quickly respond to issues and community needs.

Sheila Turner Sheila Turner joins our team with over seven years of experience coordinating logistics for executive offices across GSA, including the Office of Executive Council. She has experience documenting processes and proposed regulatory language and brings great energy to the team. At Section 508, Sheila provides logistics support for trainings and outreach on Section 508.

And me--John Sullivan. As mentioned above, I have the honor of serving as the Government-wide Section 508 Program Director, and am thrilled to work with such a talented and passionate team. I have a background as an Enterprise Architect and bring a full lifecycle management perspective to the Government-wide Section 508 Program. I look forward to working with all of you as we move forward.