GSA Government-wide Section 508 Accessibility Program

What is a GPAT?

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 12:09 -- BuyAccessible Team

When you use the BuyAccessible Wizard or Quick Links, one of the outputs you get is a Government Product/Service Accessibility Template (GPAT). A GPAT is a simple tool to assist Federal contracting and procurement officials in fulfilling the market research requirements associated with the Section 508 standards. The GPAT is intended as a form to be included with government solicitations. It provides the full list of technical provisions and indicates which ones are required or maybe required by the government to ensure the deliverable is accessible. The government is required to identify Section 508 requirements NOT the vendor. When included with the solicitation the GPAT becomes a mandatory requirement as a part of the vendor proposal to indicate how their proposed solution addresses the applicable Section 508 requirements. The vendor addresses the two columns labeled "how does the EIT meet this requirement" and "please explain."

Your Section 508 technical provisions are determined based in part on the EIT requirements you identified using the BuyAccessible Wizard. Provisions based on EIT requirements you identified are indicated by a "yes" in the applicable column. Provisions based on possible EIT requirements are indicated by a "maybe" in the applicable column. Provisions not identified with program requirements for this acquisition have no entry in the applicable column. However, if the vendor's product or service delivered has physical or functional characteristics corresponding to any of the listed EIT accessibility requirements, even those beyond identified program requirements, then the requirement applies and the vendor should provide appropriate accessibility information for these features. To make this process easier, some standard products and services have a GPAT already completed available through the Quick Links.

The GPAT is organized as a series of ten tables. The first eight tables reflect accessibility information about EIT products, corresponding to the six technical standards, the functional performance criteria, and the requirements for information, documentation, and support as defined in the Access Board Standard for Section 508. The ninth and tenth tables correspond to accessibility information about information content deliverables and labor hours, respectively.