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What can the IT Solutions Navigator do for you?

Thu, 01/08/2015 - 17:29 -- BuyAccessible Team

Do you need help with your market research for IT products and services? You can use the free IT Solutions Navigator tool from GSA.

Q: What is the IT Solutions Navigator tool?
A: The IT Solutions Navigator tool is a decision support system aimed to assist customers in evaluating GSA’s Integrated Technology Services (ITS) solution categories and identifying an appropriate acquisition vehicle to meet their business needs.

Q: Do I need access to login into the IT Solutions Navigator tool?
A: No. The system is available for public use through the GSA web portal. The IT Solutions Navigator system provides an option for customers to provide contact information for future follow-up purposes on the “Results” page.
The system does provide an option to register and obtain a user account. With a user account, customers may log in to the website and take advantage of additional features such as the ability to save previous contract match searches and contact information for faster communication with GSA Customer Support, if desired.

Q: What are the benefits to providing your contact information?
A: Customers who provide their contact information may receive follow-up communications from a GSA representative on their acquisition requirements. Additionally, the IT Solutions Navigator system saves their selected solution categories, specified acquisition requirements and priorities, and contract vehicle results for future follow-up.

Q: Can I use the IT Solutions Navigator tool to fulfill order requests?
A: No. The system facilitates navigation of ITS products, services, and solutions available to Federal, state, local, and tribal government organizations and provides online acquisition support for conducting market research and selecting ITS contract vehicles.